3 Tips for Teaching Emotional Regulation Skills to Students

With dramatic increases in students with anxiety and trauma from adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), educators must address emotional challenges in the classroom and rethink discipline. Research has shown that “children who have difficulty regulating their emotions have trouble learning in the classroom and are less productive and accurate when completing assignments,” (Graziano, Reavis, Keane, & […]

Beating the Holiday Blues

Mental wellness is important at all times of the year but especially during the winter holidays. The cold winter months may affect your mental well-being more than you realize — and the holiday festivities can just add to the stress. It’s not uncommon to feel that you are in a “funk” during this time of […]

9 Strategies for Students to Stand Up to Bullying

Being bullied is difficult for many students to deal with. Bullying is an aggressive abuse of power that can leave the victim feeling hurt, helpless, isolated, and confused. Statistics show that 1 in 5 middle and high school students is bullied, and growing research shows that college students are being bullied too. As an educator, […]

Trauma-Informed Schools: Helping Traumatized Students Succeed

One out of every 4 students have been exposed to a traumatic event that can affect learning and/or behavior. Trauma comes in many forms, from living in extreme poverty or neglect, to experiencing difficult events like bullying, school shootings, community violence, or physical or sexual violence, to divorce or death of a loved one. With […]

Is the Way You Cope Helping or Hurting You?

All of us have different ways of coping. We cope when we are dealing with stress. When we are in high-pressure situations. When we are frustrated, angry, or emotional. When we are worried or scared. We all cope in one way or another.