Studies Show Violence and Aggression Associated with Marijuana Use

Many states have legalized marijuana, and others are making moves toward marijuana legalization. With legalization increasing, the perception of risk associated with marijuana use is decreasing. Increasingly, young people do not view marijuana use as risky behavior. Often, marijuana advocates downplay marijuana’s negative effects on public health and safety.

How High-Risk Behaviors Can Contribute to Relationship Violence

It’s no surprise that individuals who struggle with alcoholism or substance abuse tend to have a harder time controlling their anger. When someone is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, their inhibitions are lowered, and it is harder for them to control their actions. They are more likely to react in violent ways or […]

Course Highlight: Cannabis Wise

More and more states are decriminalizing and legalizing cannabis for recreational use. Cannabis education is increasingly important as perceptions of the risk associated with cannabis use change. Cannabis use can severely impact you and those around you. It can lead to psychosis, impair learning, cause problems later in life, impair driving ability, and more. Educate […]

Effects of Cannabis on the Adolescent Brain

There has been considerable debate in recent years over the risks of cannabis use, particularly among young people. While many advocates have argued that cannabis has few adverse effects and can even be beneficial in certain cases, scientific research has shown that this drug can cause a wide range of negative outcomes, including cognitive impairment […]

Evidence-Based Strategies to Reduce High-Risk Cannabis Use

Excessive cannabis use can cause harm to all aspects of a person’s life, from their career and finances to their health and relationships with others. Though the media often portrays it as harmless, cannabis, or – as it’s often referred to – marijuana, has been found to cause a variety of adverse outcomes, including impaired […]