Studies Show Violence and Aggression Associated with Marijuana Use

Many states have legalized marijuana, and others are making moves toward marijuana legalization. With legalization increasing, the perception of risk associated with marijuana use is decreasing. Increasingly, young people do not view marijuana use as risky behavior. Often, marijuana advocates downplay marijuana’s negative effects on public health and safety.

How Does Marijuana Impact the People in Your Life?

As more states legalize marijuana, teen’s risk perception of marijuana decreases.¹ And as summer boredom sets in, teens are more likely to smoke marijuana in the coming months. Despite teens lowered risk-perception, there are still dangers to marijuana use:

Why Not Legalize Marijuana?

It’s a question that keeps coming up: why not legalize marijuana? Wouldn’t it help alleviate prison crowding, drug-related violence and arrests? The short answer is: no.

Preventing Marijuana Use Among Youth and Young Adults

Marijuana use is a major problem in today’s youth. Since marijuana use can have long-lasting effects on young people’s health, schools should address social norms and perceptions that marijuana is harmless, while promoting refusal skills. 

Best School-Based Practices to Reduce Underage Drinking

Many educators and school leaders want to do more to prevent and reduce underage drinking. However, this is not an easy task. Teens constantly face peer pressure and natural curiosity, which both lead them to experiment with alcohol. Focus your school-based intervention program on behavioral, cognitive, and social skill-building in addition to character education and […]