Course Highlight: Under the Influence JV

Alcohol violations among juveniles have been on the rise in recent years. Many factors contribute to alcohol violations, including peer pressure, lack of supervision, and young people having easy access to alcohol. Evidence-based alcohol intervention programs can help the next generation learn how to consider their options and make better decisions.

Effects of Cannabis on the Adolescent Brain

There has been considerable debate in recent years over the risks of cannabis use, particularly among young people. While many advocates have argued that cannabis has few adverse effects and can even be beneficial in certain cases, scientific research has shown that this drug can cause a wide range of negative outcomes, including cognitive impairment […]

Course Highlight: Red Flags

At some point in our lives, we have likely encountered at least one human trafficking victim situation without being aware of it. A victim could be someone standing in line or sitting at the table next to you. Victims remain unnoticed unless we recognize the signs of trafficking.