How to Prevent Alcohol Abuse in College Student Athletes

With high pressures to perform both in the game and in the classroom, student athletes have an unfortunately high alcohol abuse rate. With a work-hard, play-hard culture and unique social environments and peer pressures, student athletes are more likely to report heavy episodic drinking and subscribe to high-risk drinking as part of college party culture. 

Studies Show Violence and Aggression Associated with Marijuana Use

Many states have legalized marijuana, and others are making moves toward marijuana legalization. With legalization increasing, the perception of risk associated with marijuana use is decreasing. Increasingly, young people do not view marijuana use as risky behavior. Often, marijuana advocates downplay marijuana’s negative effects on public health and safety.

Course Highlight: THC 101

THC 101 is a personalized, interactive cannabis intervention course with versions designed for both adults and juveniles in courts, middle and high schools, and colleges.

How Does Marijuana Impact the People in Your Life?

As more states legalize marijuana, teen’s risk perception of marijuana decreases.¹ And as summer boredom sets in, teens are more likely to smoke marijuana in the coming months. Despite teens lowered risk-perception, there are still dangers to marijuana use:

Course Highlight: Cannabis Wise

More and more states are decriminalizing and legalizing cannabis for recreational use. Cannabis education is increasingly important as perceptions of the risk associated with cannabis use change. Cannabis use can severely impact you and those around you. It can lead to psychosis, impair learning, cause problems later in life, impair driving ability, and more. Educate […]