We hope that this Tuesday you’re able to spend time celebrating our nation’s independence. Whether you’re at the beach, around the pool, or staying indoors to beat the heat, it’s sure to be a good time with friends and family. As you’re relaxing and enjoying the festivities, you may be tempted to vape. Here are some things to keep in mind and maybe reasons why you shouldn’t:

#1 Vaping can affect others through third-hand exposure

Studies show that nicotine easily clings to surfaces but is hard to remove, even with chemical cleaners. This means that anyone who touches these surfaces can experience third-hand exposure to nicotine because it can be absorbed through the skin. This can be especially dangerous for infants and young children. Don’t put them in danger by vaping around them.

#2 Vaping can be harmful to developing fetuses

In addition to endangering children, vaping around pregnant women can also be dangerous. While the effects may not be as great as those from traditional cigarettes, studies show that nicotine exposure from e-cigarettes can result in various adverse outcomes including increased risk of preterm birth, stillbirth and neonatal apnea, as well as affect brain and lung development.

#3 Many states are raising their tobacco purchase age

If you’re in one of these states, here’s another reason not to vape this 4th of July: several states across the country are raising their tobacco purchase age from 18 to 21 this month, and more are set to follow. For these states, anyone under 21 caught with tobacco/vape products will be charged with a Class C misdemeanor with a fine of up to $500. 

#4 Vaping and nicotine use negatively affects brain development

Why is the legal age being raised? More and more evidence shows that the human brain continues to develop into a person’s mid-twenties. Nicotine exposure during this time can inhibit the development of parts of the brain that control attention, learning, and susceptibility to addiction. While users won’t notice these effects for a while, they can expect to see many short-term effects. Users who are dealing with cravings or addiction can be very distracted. They may have a harder time paying attention or learning new things. Nicotine use may also cause mood-related disorders, like depression, fear, or anxiety.

#5 There are other, more effective methods for quitting smoking

If you are vaping to help you quit smoking, know that there are other, more effective methods to quit. In fact, many users who try to quit smoking by vaping end up becoming “dual-users”, meaning they both smoke and vape. Rates of those who quit smoking by vaping have no significant difference over other methods. Health practitioners can provide other methods to help a smoker quit.

#6 Switching to non-nicotine cartridges can help you stop vaping

This weekend, if you vape, consider using non-nicotine vaping liquids as an alternative so that you can keep your family safe. This is also a good way to go if you are trying to quit, but have found vaping to be a bad habit. Some vaping devices can contain the same amount of nicotine in one e-liquid pod as is found in a pack of cigarettes. Do both yourself and your family a favor and choose the non-nicotine versions this holiday.

We hope that you enjoy your 4th of July and celebrate responsibly! 

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