Alcohol Wise HS is a 4 part, evidence-based program to educate middle and high school students on the risks and dangers associated with underage drinking. Alcohol Wise HS helps students make informed decisions about choosing not to drink and develop strategies for standing up to peer pressure to drink. For students who have already used or are using alcohol, Alcohol Wise HS utilizes personalized feedback through eCHECKUP TO GO and motivational interviewing strategies to move students toward making a positive change.  Alcohol Wise HS can be used as a component of a prevention program or classroom curriculum for large student groups.

Learning Outcomes of Alcohol Wise HS:

  • Understand BAC and the factors affecting it
    Challenge peer drinking perceptions
    Evaluate personal risk factors, including family drinking patterns and risk factors
    Understand how drinking at an early age increases the risk of developing alcohol problems later on
    Discuss dangers associated with drinking and driving
    Explain legal and health consequences of drinking before 21
    Explore financial impact drinking can have
    Understand how smoking and drinking compounds chances of getting cancer later on in life
    Realize how alcohol can affect them physically, especially in terms of sports performance
    Understand how the body processes alcohol differently than other nutrients
    Evaluate their drinking patterns (if any) and consequences of drinking
    Understand how much time they spend drinking and evaluate whether it is the way they want to spend their time
    Discuss how addiction works and how it changes the brain over time
    Understand the dangers behind mixing drugs and alcohol
    Discuss how alcohol and drugs can impact your grades, sleep patterns, memories, and substance dependency
    Decide on steps to take to reduce drink and/or drug habits
    Explain why 21 is the drinking age and reasons behind zero tolerance law
    Discuss problem drinking and abuse and negative outcomes associated with it
    Understand alcohol poisoning, signs and how to help


Under the Influence JV is an online alcohol intervention course that is used as a sanction for juvenile offenders with alcohol violations. It contains six complete lessons and is aligned to your state’s specific laws concerning juvenile alcohol use. The course is engaging, relevant, and individualized for each student’s benefit. It incorporates evidence-based strategies and is backed by research.

By completing the course, juveniles will gain a better understanding of alcohol and its effects on their bodies and minds. They will also learn about the legal consequences of alcohol use and abuse. Most importantly, they will be able to identify personal risk factors and develop strategies for making safer choices when it comes to alcohol consumption.

After completing the program, juveniles will better understand why they drink alcohol and will be more equipped to evaluate the outcomes of their decisions involving alcohol. The course includes multiple lessons addressing alcohol’s effects on health, drinking and driving, legal issues, and alcohol/drug interactions. The learning outcomes for this course include identifying personal goals, so that young people feel prepared to make a positive change in their personal alcohol use.

The learning outcomes for Under the Influence JV are:

  • Understand the many factors affecting Blood Alcohol Content (BAC)
  • Understand what qualifies as a standard-sized drink of alcohol
  • Reflect on drinking habits on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis
  • Understand how alcohol affects academic and sports performance
  • Challenge peer use perception
  • Develop a personal profile to examine their own drinking habits, family influences, and reasons for drinking
  • Understand that males and females react differently to alcohol due to physiological differences
  • Understand the “Expectancy Effect”
  • Develop safe strategies to get home if intoxicated
  • Discuss other activities to engage in besides drinking
  • Understand sexual risks associated with heavy drinking
  • Discuss dangers and symptoms of alcohol poisoning, as well as how to help someone who has alcohol poisoning
  • Discuss dangers of mixing alcohol and drugs, including marijuana
  • Recognize signs of alcohol abuse, alcoholism, and dependency
  • Discuss state-specific laws pertaining to underage drinking violations
  • Learn how to build friendships and socialize without using alcohol
  • Learn healthy ways to respond to peer pressure

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