In 2016, the Texas State Secretary established the Texas Businesses Against Trafficking (TBAT) partnership for businesses across the state to stand together against human trafficking. This partnership encourages businesses to adopt a zero tolerance policy for human trafficking, train their employees on how to identify and report human trafficking victims, and encourage the businesses they work with to do the same. Three years later, there are only six businesses in the partnership, including 3rd Millennium Classrooms.

To help raise awareness about 3rd Mil’s participation in TBAT and about our human trafficking course Red Flags, our CEO appeared on News 4 San Antonio. There she talked about and encouraged people to take our simple training course that can make a huge impact in the lives of human trafficking victims.

Through interactive scenarios, Red Flags covers misconceptions about human trafficking and trains individuals to identify and report victims. The content is current, relevant and beneficial not only to those who take it but everyone around them. Consider taking the steps today to join us in our fight against human trafficking. You can see a sample of the course here.

Check out our appearance on San Antonio News 4 here.

Interested in joining Texas Businesses Against Trafficking? Learn more on the Texas Secretary of State’s website.


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