Alcohol-Wise HS is a 4 part, evidence-based program to educate middle and high school students on the risks and dangers associated with underage drinking. Alcohol-Wise HS helps students make informed decisions about choosing not to drink and develop strategies for standing up to peer pressure to drink.

For students who have already used or are using alcohol, Alcohol-Wise HS utilizes personalized feedback through eCHECKUP TO GO and motivational interviewing strategies to move students toward making a positive change. 

Alcohol-Wise HS can be used as a component of a prevention program or classroom curriculum for large student groups. 

Learning Outcomes of Alcohol-Wise HS:

  • Understand BAC and the factors affecting it
  • Challenge peer drinking perceptions
  • Evaluate personal risk factors, including family drinking patterns and risk factors
  • Understand how drinking at an early age increases the risk of developing alcohol problems later on
  • Discuss dangers associated with drinking and driving
  • Explain legal and health consequences of drinking before 21
  • Explore financial impact drinking can have
  • Understand how smoking and drinking compounds chances of getting cancer later on in life
  • Realize how alcohol can affect them physically, especially in terms of sports performance
  • Understand how the body processes alcohol differently than other nutrients
  • Evaluate their drinking patterns (if any) and consequences of drinking
  • Understand how much time they spend drinking and evaluate whether it is the way they want to spend their time
  • Discuss how addiction works and how it changes the brain over time
  • Understand the dangers behind mixing drugs and alcohol
  • Discuss how alcohol and drugs can impact your grades, sleep patterns, memories, and substance dependency
  • Decide on steps to take to reduce drink and/or drug habits
  • Explain why 21 is the drinking age and reasons behind zero tolerance law
  • Discuss problem drinking and abuse and negative outcomes associated with it
  • Understand alcohol poisoning, signs and how to help

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