3rd Millennium Classroom’s alcohol prevention course has been used by hundreds across the country. Alcohol Wise utilizes the evidence-based eCHECKUP TO GO brief intervention, proven to reduce high-risk drinking behavior. This online course is short, but effective and uses motivational interviewing to provide personalized feedback. Our cost-effective program reduces negative consequences of drinking and when implemented effectively, Alcohol Wise changes campus culture, educates students about the harmful effects of alcohol, raises retention rates, and acts as a prevention tool for future alcohol-related violations.

Learning Outcomes of Alcohol Wise:

  • Calculate general BAC levels and explore factors affecting BAC
  • Clarify personal choices about his or her drinking habits, attitudes, and behavior and how it affects peers
  • Describe how alcohol can affect academic progress and social behavior
  • Identify high-risk and low-risk drinking patterns
  • Refute common misconceptions about drinking norms
  • Know how to access campus resources
  • Identify personal risk factors for drinking and alcohol dependence
  • Understand dangers of drinking and driving
  • Learn ways to take care of self and others in environments where drinking is present
  • Develop protective behaviors for drinking


Check out some of the features of Alcohol Wise:

Short, But Effective Course Time
Many of our customers are concerned about the increasing number of programming requirements that students need to complete. That’s why we made our course short, yet impactful.

Non-Drinker Affirmation
Not every student taking an alcohol prevention course is a drinker. In fact, quite a few aren’t. We want them to receive benefits from the course as well. Students who consistently answer as a non-drinker will be taken on a customized abstainer path. They will also receive valuable bystander information and messaging that reaffirms their non-drinking choices.

Skills Training
Skills-training scenarios will help students develop an awareness of what their current BAC levels are. Scenarios also encourage and/or reinforce the use of protective behaviors to reduce peak BAC.

Personalized Feedback
Individuals receive personalized feedback about their drinking behavior, motivations for drinking, and personal risk factors.

eCHECKUP TO GO With 30 Day Follow Up
3rd Mil is the sole provider of the eCHECKUP TO GO brief intervention tool. Developed by San Diego State University, this evidence-based tool helps individuals reflect on personal choices to make better decisions, with a 30 day follow up to check progress.

SMS to Track User’s Progress and Create Outcome Reports
Our Student Management System allows administrators to easily track an individual’s status in the course. You can also generate outcome reports.

Pre-Tests & Post-Tests
Pre-tests and post-tests provide measurements of behavior change and knowledge gains. Our courses don’t merely let individuals just press the “next” button; they need to pay attention in order to move through the course.

Visit dev.3rdmil.com to learn more about 3rd Millennium’s Alcohol Wise, an alcohol prevention education program for colleges and universities. We also have a high school version for Alcohol Wise available.