Greek Wise is a fraternity and sorority course that addresses social responsibility, alcohol, hazing, and bystander awareness.

Greek Wise uses evidence-based strategies, including motivational interviewing and personalized feedback, to provide a very individualized experience for each participant. Upon course completion, every member will receive their own detailed feedback report. 

Greek Wise uses top tier strategies for behavior change and integrates the NIAAA-recognized, highly effective eCHECKUP TO GO brief intervention tool that has been proven to reduce high-risk drinking behavior. To further individualize your members’ experience, your organization-specific customizations are integrated into the course. We combine the topics of alcohol, sexual assault, Title IX concerns, hazing, and social hosting to offer a foundational prevention course for all members.

After taking Greek Wise, the individual will be able to:

  • Recognize hazing situations
  • Understand the motivations and consequences of hazing
  • Take steps to become an anti-hazing advocate on campus
  • Understand metabolism, absorption, and factors that affect BAC levels
  • Clarify personal choices about their drinking habits, attitudes, and behavior
  • Describe how alcohol can affect their academic progress and social behavior
  • Identify drug and alcohol interactions and high-risk patterns
  • Apply bystander awareness strategies
  • Assess their own behavior and risk categories related to sexual assault
  • Understand the legal consequences of underage drinking and social hosting
  • Reflect on personal drinking habits on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis
  • Discuss dangers of mixing drugs & alcohol
  • Develop protective behaviors around drinking
  • Discuss their student rights under Title IX
  • Give definitions for consent, sexual assault, domestic and dating violence, and stalking
  • Develop strategies for reducing the risk of alcohol and drug-facilitated sexual violence
  • Develop strategies to bring about change in attitudes about sexual violence on their campus
  • Relay steps for reporting and preserving evidence of a sexual assault
  • Know how to provide survivors of sexual assault with assistance and support

When implemented effectively, Greek Wise changes campus culture, educates students about the harmful effects of alcohol, raises retention rates, and acts as a prevention tool for future alcohol-related violations.

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