Do you have students that are struggling with self-esteem? Not sure about how to handle relationships? Dealing with coercive behaviors from boyfriends or girlfriends? Are you looking for a way to meet your school’s health and wellness education requirements? Wondering how best to prepare them for healthy relationships and train them to be more than just bystanders? All while still meeting your state’s Title IX requirements?

Respect & Resolve is an online course that teaches life and social skills to encourage healthy relationships. It can be used to supplement current curriculum for a health or life skills class (email for a free reference of your state education standards covered by Respect & Resolve). It can also be used for individual interventions.

The course covers crucial concepts like:

  • Bullying and cyberbullying
  • Coercion
  • Communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Decision making
  • Personal boundaries
  • Healthy self-esteem

Every student who takes Respect & Resolve receives confidential, personalized feedback that helps them identify their personal strengths as well as challenges and misconceptions they may have. Respect & Resolve corrects misconceptions and motivates them to make healthy decisions and changes in behavior.

Respect & Resolve learning outcomes:

  • Identify characteristics of healthy relationships
  • Identify steps for building self-esteem
  • Make healthy decisions in all kinds of relationships
  • Set boundaries in relationships
  • Identify reasons for waiting on sex
  • Identify non-sexual ways to show affection
  • List different kinds of abuse
  • Categorize different kinds of abusive actions
  • Identify potentially illegal bullying behavior
  • Identify the negative consequences of bullying for the bully, the bullied student, and the bystander
  • Identify positive and negative conflict resolution strategies
  • Identify positive communication strategies
  • Define bystander
  • Identify their preferred bystander intervention style
  • Identify non-confrontational, semi-confrontational, and confrontational bystander strategies
  • Apply bystander strategies in various situations
  • Identify how likely their behaviors are to lead to violent situations
  • Identify strategies for minimizing the risk of violence in relationships
  • Identify strategies for exiting risky situations
  • Identify resistance strategies
  • Identify coercive statements
  • Identify strategies for overcoming coercion in relationships
  • Resist coercion in various situations
  • Differentiate between confidentiality and privacy when reporting an incident
  • Preserve evidence for a forensic exam
  • Identify “next steps” after reporting a violent incident
  • Identify their Title IX rights
  • Identify ways to help themselves or others after a violent incident

You can sign up for Respect & Resolve today by visiting our website or by calling (888) 810-7990.