Tableau Software, a software company that produces some of the most innovative interactive data visualization products in the world, has recently released its newest version of software, Tableau 10.3. The release of Tableau 10.3 is exciting for the colleges and universities that care about prevention and intervention efforts because it features some major upgrades and improvements, including speed, automation, and monitoring.

One of the biggest advantages of Tableau 10.3 is that it makes collaboration easier, thanks to a combination of data-driven alerts, web authoring, and mobile updates. For our customers that subscribe to Enhanced Reporting, 3rd Mil’s Tableau-based cloud reporting option, these improvements keep everyone on the same page.

Data-Driven Alerts
Tableau 10.3 provides data-driven alerts, which allows customers to instantly receive a notification if there is a change within their organization’s reports. This provides real-time updates on completions or benchmark drinking metrics, as well as anything out of the usual, which provides the opportunity for quick responses to any potential issues. These alerts can be customized, so you decide what data you want to be notified about.

Web Authoring
Web Authoring is even more powerful in the Tableau 10.3, providing an improved Story Points navigator and the ability to publish embedded data sources right from the browser. These improvements allow you to create and customize data driven presentations for grant committees and decision makers, answering their questions quickly and effectively.

Mobile Updates
The Tableau 10.3 provides new mobile updates with huge improvements, allowing you to get your data faster and more efficiently. The Android app has a simple site-switching toolbar that creates more room for your viz, and one click is all it takes to open it directly in the app. Remote work has never been easier.

With all of these upgrades and improvements, it is no wonder why so many organizations turn to Tableau for their data visualization needs. Whether you are using it for informal planning of campus prevention programs or for formal funding presentations, Tableau 10.3 makes 3rd Mil’s Enhanced Reporting the solution you have been looking for.