Over the past couple of years, 3rd Millennium Classrooms has been working with subject-matter experts to provide human identification and intervention training and resources. In honor of Human Trafficking Awareness & Prevention month, we wanted to provide you with a list of our most-used collateral! 

Downloadable Resources

Keep these resources handy by downloading them below!

The Red Flags Of Human Trafficking

Do you know what victims of human trafficking typically look like? There are 3 things to look for: Appearance, Behavior, and Communication. Keep this sheet handy so can help identify victims.


4 Signs Someone Is Being Groomed For Human Trafficking

How does someone get lured into human trafficking? Are they pulled off the streets, never to be seen again? Usually not. Trafficking usually begins with a process called “grooming”, and it’s important to understand what it looks like and how it happens.



What You Need to Know About Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking

Do you work in law enforcement? As a public servant, you have a unique opportunity to intervene in trafficking situations. This guide was developed specifically for people like you who may interact with victims more directly than the general public.

National Organizations

We also wanted to provide information on organizations that are actively working to bring an end to human trafficking.


A21 is a national organization fighting to end trafficking across the globe. Every year they host an event called “Walk for Freedom.” These walks take place all over the world with the goal of raising awareness of trafficking and reminding the public that they won’t stand for human trafficking.


The Polaris Project aims to track data about human trafficking and provide resources for victims. They run  24/7 Human Trafficking Hotline that has helped victims reach freedom from their circumstances.

Local Partners

These are local partners that we work with in San Antonio, Texas. A quick internet search can find you partners in your area, too!

A21 Freedom Chasers

A21 Freedom Chasers is an “A-Team” of A21 located in San Antonio, Texas. A-Teams are “an extension of A21 and the fuel behind the mission–going to unreached places with the message of freedom.” You can find your local A-Team on the A21 website!

Alamo Area Coalition Against Trafficking

The Alamo Area Coalition Against Trafficking exists to “to prosecute offenders, prevent future exploitation and serve current victims of human trafficking.” AACAT works with local partners in the San Antonio area to help educate and prevent trafficking in Bexar County.


Steps You Can Take

#1 Train Yourself 

The best way to be informed about human trafficking to be trained on how to identify and intervene in trafficking situations. We have a training course called Red Flags that trains you to be able to do this. You can review the course below for free!


#2 Spread the Word

Share this article on social media, send it to a friend, tell your co-workers. By raising awareness of the issue of human trafficking, you can start to make a difference in the lives of the victims everywhere.

We hope these resources are helpful to you to be informed about human trafficking! It is a growing problem across the globe, and it’s our duty to do everything we can to help stop it!