Do you work with students with drug problems or clients with drug violations? Are you dealing with drug addictions yourself and want to make a change? There are several options out there, but many of them are expensive and can be time-consuming.

3rd Millennium Classrooms has a solution for you. Our online drug classes are developed using evidence-based strategies to provide the highest quality content possible at a low cost. Rather than just targeting knowledge and attitude, we want to empower the individuals who take our courses to make their own choices for success. How do we do that?

Research shows that online education is just as, if not more, effective than traditional prevention and intervention classes. So, we’ve made all our classes completely online. Why choose an online education over in-person training? Let’s look at some of the advantages:

#1. Online education is consistent and scalable.

Online education delivers content the same way, every time. Our classes remove the obstacle of trainer ability, skill or qualification (which can negatively or positively affect the effectiveness of a program). For high school and college administration, this means you can rest assured that the size of your school or budget won’t affect the content your students are receiving. For probation officers and judges, this means that your clients will always be provided with the same evidence-based lessons that reduce recidivism. For the individual wanting to make changes in their lives, this means that you get the same great content that colleges, high schools, and courts use across the country. This means that no matter who takes a 3rd Mil course — students, clients, individuals — will receive the same high-quality content each time.

#2. The social pressures of a classroom or peer group are reduced.

Because our courses are taken individually and are completely confidential, there are no social pressures for individuals to answer the “correct way” or give answers to fit a desired image. Also, because online classes aren’t as direct, individuals tend to evaluate materials internally, rather than trying to make themselves appear better, tougher or less concerned about the consequences of their drug use as they would in a group session. This increases the likelihood an individual will quit, or at least reduce their drug use.

Read more advantages of online drug classes by checking out our guide “5 Reasons to Use Online Education” here.

We know what it’s like to feel like you are not having the impact you want to have. Sometimes it can even feel like you are failing the people you want to help. We want to help you. Check out our suite of online courses that cover marijuana, nicotine, non-prescription drugs, and other illicit drug use.