The distressing reality is that victims of human trafficking are all around us, often hidden in plain sight. While the signs of human trafficking are subtle, and often hard to see, there are instances where people have seen something and decided to intervene. Here are some real life stories of awareness and action:

On the Ground
An Uber driver in Sacramento, California saved a 16-year-old girl from child sex trafficking when he heard the two women she was with talking about delivering her to a “John”. He immediately felt something was wrong and notified police of where they were staying. It turns out the victim had been a runaway who was turned into a sex trafficker, and both women were arrested and charged.

In the Air
flight attendant noticed a young, disheveled girl sitting next to an older, well-dressed man on a flight, and immediately felt something was off. The man would not let the girl talk to her, so the flight attendant left her a secret note in the bathroom. The girl said she needed help, so the woman notified the pilot who had police waiting for them at the gate.

At Truck Stops
trucker felt like something wrong was happening when he saw a young girl looking out from the back of a recreational vehicle’s window. The window was blacked out with dark curtains and the girl looked distraught. He saw a man outside the RV and called police to report the suspicious activity. It turned out that the girl was indeed a victim of sex trafficking, and had been physically and sexually abused by her traffickers. Both traffickers were arrested.

Recognizing Red Flags
Would you be able to notice if someone was a victim of human trafficking? Would you be able to recognize the signs and know what to do? Our Red Flags course is designed to teach you about the common signs of human trafficking as well as what you should do if you ever suspect someone around you is a victim. After taking this course, you will be more aware of the subtle signs of human trafficking, making victims more detectable and visible.

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