Developing a healthy style of communication is important to most people and considered a life skill that many desire. This skill can be developed at an early age and many educators are now making it a point to foster communication skills to help their students. 

Unfortunately, we sometimes see younger people who show signs of unhealthy communication that manifest in the forms of unhealthy relationships and anger.


If you are seeing these signs, know that there is something you can do to correct it.


Respect and Resolve and Conflict-Wise JV are two courses that 3rd Millennium Classrooms offers that can help prevent and correct unhealthy behaviors.

Respect and Resolve is both a  prevention and intervention course that focuses on relationships and communication. In this course, you can expect students to learn:

  • Identify and build elements of healthy relationships

  • Recognize abusive traits and actions in a relationship

  • Identify positive communication strategies

  • Learn bystander intervention strategies in various situations

  • Learn their Title IX rights

Respect and Resolve is great for implementing in a classroom setting as a way to explain what healthy behavior looks like.

What if they have already acted out on anger against others? If they show signs of anger management issues, bullying, fighting, or harassing others, then our Conflict-Wise JV is right for you.

This course is an effective intervention course used by schools and courts that focuses on anger management. In this course, you can expect that students will learn: 

  • Discuss the impacts of uncontrolled anger on relationships

  • Recognize how alcohol and drugs can escalate abuse

  • Differentiate between healthy and unhealthy responses to conflict

  • Discuss how anger affects mental, physical, and emotional health

  • Choose strategies to best manage stressful situations and anger triggers

With proper prevention and intervention courses, we help ensure that our youth develop healthy habits that sustain a lifetime. Let’s work together to provide for them the best we can. Learn more about the prevention education courses for high school students offered by 3rd Millennium Classrooms or take a one-minute course recommendation quiz to get started. To learn more about Respect & Resolve Vs. Conflict-Wise download below.


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