Most of our nation has experienced many effects of COVID-19, even if we haven’t personally been sick. We don’t know the extent of how the virus will affect our nation’s public health, but there are a few things that we know so far. Many people have experienced isolation, anxiety, fear, depression, conflict, and abuse. Others have experienced losses: loss of freedom, loss of work, or even a loss of a sense of purpose.

What is our response? Education.

Substance abuse can be one of the ways that people cope with difficult feelings, anxieties, stress, and depression. We know, however, that drugs and alcohol only compound the problem. This is a critical time to provide prevention education surrounding substances like alcohol, marijuana, nicotine, and other drugs. 

What can you do?

Research shows that colleges, universities, and schools that provide prevention education for their incoming students have higher retention rates and lower costs due to negative consequences such as ER visits. Students who go through prevention education courses have higher GPAs and are less likely to engage in high-risk binge drinking. 

Prevention education gives people the tools they need to deal with strong emotions without turning to substance use. 

3rd Millennium provides prevention education for alcohol use, marijuana use, nicotine and vaping, prescription drug use, maintaining healthy relationships (including Title IX required content about IPV, stalking, and consent), and managing anger and conflict.  

Courts and agencies can include prevention education for clients and offenders by combining courses that address factors related to their infraction. For example, alcohol or drug intervention courses can be assigned to offenders who have substance-related domestic violence charges.

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