The holiday season is approaching, and with that comes the likelihood someone will shoplift. While it may not seem like a big deal, shoplifting has a bigger impact than many realize.

For starters, it happens fairly often: it averages 550,000 incidents a day across the nation, resulting in over $13 billion worth of goods being stolen every year — and that number is rising. While nearly 1 in 11 Americans admits to shoplifting, shoplifters are caught only 1 in 49 times, and only 50% of the time is a guilty party actually turned over to the police.

Most shoplifting is committed by otherwise law-abiding citizens, making it all the more mysterious. Most people who shoplift are not actually in financial need, as many would believe, but do it for the rush of getting “something for nothing.”

While shoplifting may seem a “victimless crime,” that is not the case. It can have a greater impact than you realize:

  • Consumers will have to pay higher prices for products to compensate for the loss of revenue from shoplifted products
  • Security measures may have to be increased at stores, creating a less inviting environment for customers and decreasing the ability of a shop to connect with customers
  • It can lead to loss of community jobs if the store is forced to shut down
  • The loss of local and state tax revenue can lead to higher taxes for everyone
  • There is an added load to police and court systems when dealing with shoplifters
  • There can be a financial and emotional strain on families who have members who are prosecuted with shoplifting

If you or a loved one is struggling with shoplifting, check out our shoplifting intervention course, STOPLifting, by either visiting our website or calling (888)-810-7990.