Pressures such as a persistent desire to succeed academically, poor sleep habits due to large workloads, and the persistence of underlying social and financial demands may place students at an increased risk for misuse of various drugs, including stimulants.

What is non-prescription stimulant use?

The number of high school and college students using non-prescription stimulants (NPS) has increased significantly in recent years. Stimulants such as Adderall and Ritalin are often prescribed to individuals with conditions like ADHD, and have proven to be effective; however, the results can be different for individuals who take them without a prescription.

NPS use falls into two main categories. The first is not taking it in the manner prescribed by a physician, i.e. taking larger doses or taking them more frequently than prescribed. The second is using the drug without a prescription, i.e. taking a friend’s prescription

Many students believe taking NPS will increase their academic performance or help them pull an all-nighter for a test they forgot to study for. However, non-prescription use of stimulants actually has many negative effects.

Dangers of nps use

Here are 3 reasons why NPS use doesn’t work:

#1 Students who use NPS usually have lower GPAs than their non-using classmates.

While stimulants have proven to be effective for those diagnosed with ADHD, that is not the case for students without ADHD. In fact, their GPAs are a letter grade lower on average.

#2 There can be severe dangers for those with heart problems.

It’s not always easy to tell how your body will react to NPS, but those with a heart condition are at additional risk. It can also lead to seizures and high blood pressure; reactions can be severe enough that they lead to death.

#3 Those who use NPS are more likely to abuse alcohol and marijuana and develop drug addictions later on.  

Students who use NPS often mix stimulants with alcohol and marijuana, which can have severe consequences. Additionally, using NPS makes it more likely you will become addicted to other drugs later on in life.

Next time before you think about getting an extra “boost” in your studying, remember why NPS use doesn’t work.




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