Are you experiencing the “buy now” and “buy more” pressures of the gift-giving season? Stressing out trying to find the perfect gift or to “top” what you got last year? Maybe try something different. This year, instead of quantity, go for quality. Stick to six gifts with the following themes:

#1 Something They Want – The “Big Ticket” Item

Your kid probably has their eye on something big – a doll or an art set or a new video game. By only getting one big ticket item, your child will appreciate their gift more and learn that they can’t always get everything they want.

#2 Something They Need – Hobby Item, Sports Equipment, Necessity

Here’s a chance to give your child something that you would already be getting them but you can give it to them as a gift. Maybe they need new sheets, a new bat or a new backpack for school. 

#3 Something to Wear – Clothings, Shoes, Accessories

Use this as a time to get a new pair of jeans or jacket. Some other ideas include pair of winter boots or new tennis shoes for the year. 

#4 Something to Read – Book, Magazine, Comic Book

With so many screens these days, kids need to take the time to read a real book sometime. Maybe they’re in the middle of  a series or looking for something new. Whatever they’re interested in, there’s bound to be a book out there for them. You can even check a second-hand bookstore instead of buying a brand new one!

#5 Something to Do – Event, Outing, Adventure

Give your child an experience – going to a sporting game, seeing a movie, tickets to a concert, or special hike. Depending on how old your child is, this could be something for them to do with friends, or something to do with just the parents and/or guardians.

#6 Something for the Family To Do Together –  Game, Movie, Outing, Adventure

For this gift, you get to work with your kids. Ask them about something they could give to the family. Maybe you’ll go on a camping trip together or have a beach day. Or it could be a board game for the family to play throughout the year. It could even be something as simple as going to dinner at the family’s favorite restaurant. Whatever it is, the goal is to give something that gets the family together,

We hope these gift ideas are helpful to you! Be sure to take time to slow down this holiday season. One of the best presents is a relaxed and “present” parent, guardian, or family member. 

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Happy Holidays!