Anti-theft classes are designed to reduce repeat offenses in low-risk offenders who may have an addiction to stealing. 3rd Millennium Classrooms provides STOPLifting, an online educational course that may be mandated by a court, legal order, legal representative, parole or probation officer, or other agency for shoplifting or petty theft violations. 

The anti-theft class can also be called:

  • Adult Theft Class
  • Anti-Shoplifting Class
  • Anti-Theft Class
  • Impulse Control
  • Shoplifting Diversion Program
  • Shoplifting Class
  • Shoplifting Awareness Class
  • Shoplifting and Theft Awareness Class
  • Petit Theft Class
  • Petty Theft Class
  • Retail Theft Class
  • Juvenile Theft Class
  • Theft Intervention Class
  • Theft Education Class
  • Theft Prevention Class

Topics Covered

STOPLifting is presented in 7 parts, and it equips clients with the knowledge and skills to make better decisions, such as:

  • Examining beliefs and attitudes about shoplifting
  • Understanding legal and personal consequences of shoplifting on their future
  • Reflecting on reasons they started shoplifting
  • Examining patterns of behavior
  • Managing stress as an alternative to shoplifting 
  • Discussing life changes necessary to avoid and quit shoplifting

How It Works

Once your court or agency is set up with 3rd Millennium Classrooms, it’s simple and easy to implement our shoplifting intervention class for diversion. 

  1. Offender logs in – Offender uses a Student Instruction Handout to sign up and log in to the course at As an administrator, you can download and print the Student Instruction Sheets to give to offenders or they can be emailed directly for a fully contactless experience
  2. Offender completes the course –  STOPLifting takes about 3 to 4 hours to complete, and offenders can log in and out as needed. The course is accessible from anywhere and at any time– from their computer, phone, or tablet.
  3. Automatic completion verification – After the course is completed, the completion certificate can be submitted by the offender or sent directly to your court or agency staff.

STOPLifting helps an offender create an action plan to avoid shoplifting again. A tailored, confidential My Summary report is generated from the offender’s responses about their habits and motivations.. Offenders can choose to share this report with a counselor for support as a second level of intervention or as follow-up support.

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Easily Accessible

This class is completed 100% online. This means that offenders can take the course anywhere and from any device, such as a computer, phone, or tablet. The course is self-paced and can be completed in one session, or over several sessions.

Other Benefits Include

  • Offender pays directly via our website
  • Instant course completion verification – no excuse for non-compliance!
  • Personalized feedback report reinforces  behavior change
  • Engaging videos and surveys designed in motivational-interviewing style

Through our online diversion program, you can begin to create meaningful changes in your clients to help them avoid future arrests or charges. Learn more about how 3rd Millennium Classrooms can help power initiatives in your court or agency.