Online Anti-Theft Class for Shoplifting Intervention

Anti-theft classes are designed to reduce repeat offenses in low-risk offenders who may have an addiction to stealing. 3rd Millennium Classrooms provides STOPLifting, an online educational course that may be mandated by a court, legal order, legal representative, parole or probation officer, or other agency for shoplifting or petty theft violations. 

Online Diversion Programs: Making Justice More Restorative

Research shows that diversion programs not only reduce recidivism, but are less costly to the state than the court process and incarceration. Affordable, online diversion helps ease the stress of deadlines, streamlining the process for both courts and offenders. 

3 Ways Pre-Trial Intervention Achieves Public Safety

In the United States, there’s a common problem: jails are overcrowded, courts and agencies are overburdened, and costs are skyrocketing. To address this issue, courts, probation offices, and agencies across the country are embracing an evidence-based approach: pre-trial intervention. By encouraging an alternative to arrest or charges in appropriate cases, courts and agencies are using  […]

Course Highlight: STOPLifting

Do you have offenders with shoplifting violations? With Black Friday and the holiday season just around the corner, it’s likely you’ll have some soon if you don’t already. If you’re a court looking for an effective, easy-to-set-up intervention for these individuals, check out our course STOPLifting.