There are reports all over the news about people dying from e-cigarette use. In just a little more than a month, 7 people across the nation have died due to vaping-related causes. This recent rise in deaths reminds us of the dangers of vaping and that it needs to be taken seriously and can’t be ignored. From decreased attention spans to shortness of breath to inhibiting brain development, the effects of this addiction are widespread even if it doesn’t result in the extreme of death.

If you are worried that someone around you may be vaping, here are some signs to pay attention to:

  1. Moody & Jittery Behavior
    • Nicotine cravings and withdrawals severely affect mood & behavior. This can result in paranoia and anxiety when they are left without their device.
  2. Hard Time Paying Attention or Focusing
    • Vaping can cause lapses in concentration and memory. This may look like having a harder time in class than normal or struggling to pay attention at work.
  3. Decreased Ability to Communicate
    • Are you having a hard time holding a conversation with someone? They may be distracted by the desire to vape or from decreased ability to stay focused.
  4. Consumes Excessive Amounts of Water
    • Vaping can cause “dry mouth” and cause users to be dehydrated. If they are suddenly drinking more water than normal, it could be a result of vaping.
  5. Fruity or Minty Smells Without an Obvious Source
    • Vaping with a fruit-flavored cartridge can leave behind a fruity smell even if there isn’t any smoke. While it’s possible that flavored e-cigarettes will be banned soon, they are still very popular among youth.
  6. Decrease in Normal Activities
    • Someone may be spending money on vaping or maybe just be spending their time vaping. If someone suddenly stops doing something they enjoy for no obvious reason, it’s a good idea to ask them more about it.
  7. Excessive Spending or Money Disappearing
    • Is someone always asking for money? Hard to determine where that money is going? Funding a vaping habit takes a financial toll.
  8. Mysteriously Leaving for Periods of Time
    • If someone leaves the room often for no apparent reason, they may be leaving to go vape.
  9. Lots of Visible USBs and/or Asthma Inhalers
    • Vaping devices can be disguised as USBs or asthma inhalers, or just look very similar to them in general. If they have a lot of these lying around, try looking up what a vaping device looks like and comparing it.

While just one of these signs doesn’t exactly mean that someone is vaping, the more you observe, the more likely they are vaping. Help keep those around you safe by being on the lookout for the signs of vaping. 

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